Lovely Miss Snickers, the Bull Terrier
Foster Mom Assessment
April 2014

• She is not spayed.
• Has had rabies, DA2PP, Bordatella, and is microchipped. She has had external flea control applied.
• Ears clean and breath is now fresh and healthy.
• Eyes and nose are clear of discharge and appear healthy.
• No obvious signs of any distress. She appears very healthy now.
• High energy, clear-eyed, well muscled, but underweight
• Bull terriers benefit from grain-free diets, as they are prone to skin issues and yeast. She also should wear sunscreen on her nose and tummy if outdoors. Sun damage to nose is evident. Fragrance-free children’s formula would be best.
• Any questions about bull terriers, please call me at 707-763-3956.

• Very people-oriented, intense loving eye contact. Very treat oriented, responds well to verbal correction, I think she will be easy to train using positive reinforcement techniques.
• Knows Sit, Stay, Come with a front sit. Down.
• Super smart dog. Multiple examples of clever problem solving to make herself comfortable. She takes her bed out of the dog house to the sunny spot. Tries to put it back in the evening.
• OK having all her body parts touched, including feet, ears, nails and privates. OK being petted while eating.
• No destructive chewing observed at all, despite boredom and confinement away from people for several hours at a time. Worst she’d do is bark/howl a bit, and try to escape, briefly. Her bedding is intact, as is a doggie bed and pillow let in her house. This is unusual for bull terriers, who tend to destroy things just because it’s fun, let alone when they are stressed and scared! She’s truly unusual.
• No food aggression or resource guarding whatsoever.
• Very gentle puller on leash, but no concept of heel or any other commands. Amenable to gentle correction and is eager to learn. I advise using a harness, as she’s manageable.
• A nervous traveler. If I put her in the crate and then block her vision by draping a towel over the crate door, she’s fine and settles right down. Not afraid of getting in the car or crate, just barks once we start moving.
• Gets hyper-aroused at the sight of other dogs, and will bark and wag intensely. Doesn’t strike me as mean or aggressive, just like she’s dying to play and interact. She has no “doggy manners” though, and will need slow and distant “pass bys” with mellow dogs with lots of treats to reward calm behavior when around other dogs. As she learns to control herself, the distances can be shortened. I would not, at this point, recommend her for a home with other pets. This may take some time, but I sense she’ll relax and be easy to socialize once she feels confident in her forever home and may then be a delightful companion to another dog.
• Apparently high prey drive with cats when outside, but only gave them a hard stare at the vet’s office. I’d recommend not placing her in a home with cats.
• Excellent bite inhibition, even when excited. Reacted appropriately when I yelped. Never applied pressure.
• Likes to flip over and show her tummy in an effort to get attention. She will try every position and behavior to get attention. New owners will have to be diligent not to reward demanding behavior, and show affection when she is behaving properly and like a little lady. She likes to “work you” and is a real charmer.
• She LOVES the garden hose and isn’t afraid of it at all. She likes to bite the water stream and drink from it, even on “shower” mode.
• Has no idea what to do with a ball, rope or other toy. Perhaps once she gains confidence in a forever home, she’ll be able to relax and learn to play with toys.
• Not afraid of loud noises or autos. Not afraid of traffic when walking on sidewalk.

Rescue Information:
Miniature Bull Terrier rescues are few and far between. In the remote chance one is needed, please contact:

MBTCA President| AKC Delegate
Giselle Simonds (707) 763-3956 - bonsaimbt@comcast.net

MBTCA Rescue Coordinator
Kathy Brosnan - (603) 679-9507 - kmbrosnan@earthlink.net

The Orange Coast Bull Terrier Club in Southern California also looks after our little guys. Contact:
Linda Lethin - (714) 774-4266 - kingsmere1@aol.com


  •  The Miniature Bull Terrier breed has a high activity level, they are smart and creative, and they are indeed independent thinkers  •  

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